Demand Side Units (DSUs)

DSU’s are one or more demand sites that reduce their demand when requested.

DSU Application

All DSUs must submit a suitable Application Form detailing all IDSs characteristics and MPRN numbers in order to be approved for testing. Please download the DSU Application Form to make an application here.

DSU Testing

DSUs must submit a suitable load profile request form before carrying out Grid Code testing scheduled with us. Find the form here.

Signal lists

Eirgrid issues signal lists for each DSU. These templates include a list of information the DSU must provide for EirGrid to develop a site-specific signal list. Templates for the DSUs are published here.

Grid Code Compliance Testing

Below is a list of test procedures and reports for the DSUs. Please make sure to use the supplied test procedure and report templates. If you are unsure of how to use the templates please contact

DSU Test Procedure – Capacity Test – 2 Hours

DSU Test Procedure – Capacity Test – 6 Hours

DSU Test Procedure – Capacity Test – 24 Hours

DSU Test Procedure – Signals & Communications Test

DSU Aggregate Test Report Template

Got questions?

You can find out more about DSUs here.