East West Interconnector

EirGrid Interconnector DAC owns the East West Interconnector which links the electricity grids of the island of Ireland and Great Britain via submarine cables running between converter stations in Ireland and Wales. It is a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) connection capable of providing capacity of 500 MW, flowing in both directions (import / export).

We allocate long-term (or ‘forward’) transmission rights in the form of Financial Transmission Right Options (FTRs) on the East West Interconnector through auctions, which you can learn more about below.

Celtic Interconnector

EirGrid is exploring an interconnector between Ireland and France, known as the Celtic Interconnector. More information can be found here.

Trading on the East West Interconnector

As part of new wholesale electricity market arrangements for Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM) arrangements, the interconnector allocates long-term (or ‘forward’) transmission rights in the form of Financial Transmission Right Options (FTRs).

An FTR Option is a hedging instrument that entitles the holder to receive payments based on the day-ahead price spread between two interconnected and coupled markets.

FTRs on EWIC are allocated in auctions facilitated by the Joint Allocation Office (JAO), a Luxembourg based entity established for the purpose of auctioning capacity on most interconnectors throughout Europe.

EWIC have prepared an I-SEM Trading Guide for customers on the FTR products being offered under the I-SEM. This Trading Pack seeks to provide interested parties with the necessary information to allow them to participate in auctions of FTRs on EWIC.

JAO will be the single point of contact for the FTR market—handling registration, systems, auctions, and settlement. Parties wishing to participate in auctions of EWIC FTRs will contract directly with JAO.

All relevant information for JAO registration can be found on the JAO Resource Centre.

Auctions & Results

JAO Auction Platform – Electronic Capacity Allocation Tool (e-CAT)

FTR auctions are held using the e-CAT on the JAO platform. You can access the EWIC 2018/19 JAO auction calendar here.

Auction rules

FTR auctions will be conducted in line with Harmonised Allocation Rules for long-term transmission rights (“HAR”) 5 and the SEM-GB border specific annex (“Regional Annex”) 6.

Prior to I-SEM go-live EWIC sold a form of physical transmission rights between the SEM and GB markets on the Auction Management Platform, which can be accessed here.

Outage Information

Outage Information

Forced Outages 

In the event of a forced outage of the East West Interconnector, the Allocation Platform shall notify the affected holders of Long Term Transmission Rights as soon as possible of a curtailment of Long Term Transmission Rights as per Article 57 of the HAR “Process and notification of curtailment”.

Planned Outages

Planned outages of the East West Interconnector are coordinated between EirGrid Interconnector DAC, EirGrid Plc. and National Grid Electricity Transmission. 

A list of the planned outages which are currently scheduled is available here.


There are no open consultations at the current time. Read about previous consultations below.

Previous Consultations

EirGrid Interconnector DAC sought to consult on the Access Rules and Charging Methodology of the East West Interconnector (EWIC).

The purpose of this consultation was to invite the views of interested parties on the following:

  • Proposed rule changes that are required to transition to I-SEM, Financial Transmission Rights and the Harmonised Allocation Rules (“HAR”).
  • The continued applicability of the existing Moyle and East West Interconnector Access Rules and charging Methodology up to the date of I-SEM Go Live.

Documents relating to this consultation can be found below:


Safety is core to how EirGrid does business. To determine if your proposed works may be close to the route of the interconnector, please consult our safety notice and refer to the following links:


UK Line Search Before-U-Dig

If you need any additional information, call (01) 2370924 (Ireland) or 01244 288 353 (UK).

The Heath and Safety Authority have published a Code of Practice (CoP) on avoiding danger from underground services. The CoP provides practical guidelines to ensure compliance with legal requirements. It is available online here.

In the event of an emergency relating to the East West Interconnector cables, EirGrid will be contacted immediately. The emergency contact number is 01 2370924.

A detailed Irish Route Map is available here.

A detailed Wales Route Map is available here.

Contact Information

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Joint Allocation Platform

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EirGrid Main Reception

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Emergency Number

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