Key Innovation Projects

Innovation is happening right across the system and we want to work with innovators to see how new technologies can enhance the power system of the future. We are involved in a range of exciting projects that are at the interface between the user and the system.

Power Off & Save

Power Off and Save is a pilot programme that rewards customers who agree to reduce their energy usage when electricity demand is high. EirGrid has developed the Power Off and Save programme in partnership with Electric Ireland, who were awarded the contract to provide the service to EirGrid based on the open tender competition in late 2015. For more information on Power Off and Save, please click here.

Smart Wires

One of our innovation focus areas is to maximise use of existing transmission infrastructure where possible. In Waterford we have trialled Smart Wire’s Powerline Guardian device to control power flows with real-time sensing capabilities. From this we are moving to deploy distributed series reactance (DSR) type technology for a full deployment by 2018. This will allow us to better utilise the capacity of existing lines which will help reduce the need for new infrastructure in the long-term.

SmartValve is an innovative new device from Smart Wires that enables real-time power flow control on grids. It uses series compensation to increase or decrease reactance of a line, which causes power to be pushed away from or pulled onto the line. Please click here for a report that describes a ground-breaking pilot SmartValve project that EirGrid has conducted in association with Smart Wires.

Schwundgrad Energie

In Co Offaly, a flywheel-battery pilot project is underway. Approximately 40 jobs were provided in the construction phase of the pilot project. The objective of the project is to use an integrated flywheel and battery solution to provide System Services.

Kelwin Project

The aim of the Kelwin project is to develop a 37MW wind farm in Co Kerry which incorporates novel devices to provide System Services. Each turbine will have an integrated battery and the project will test how these batteries can be used to capture and store excess energy, and then provide it back to the grid as needed. In addition to producing energy, the project will produce valuable learnings in relation to the use of energy storage.