ECP-2 Node Assignment Ruleset

29 September 2020

This document describes the node assignment rules for ECP-2 and the principles which informed the establishment of these rules. The Node Assignment Rules have been devised by the System Operators, EirGrid as Transmission System Operator and ESB Networks as Distribution System Operator.

Operational Constraints Update

28 September 2020

Monthly update of all island system constraints

Transmission Outage Summary 2020 (Week 41-42)

25 September 2020

Two week summary of transmission outages

Outage Week 40(2020)-2(2021)

23 September 2020

16 Week All-Island Generator Outage Plan

EirGrid Monthly Availability Report – August 2020

22 September 2020

Generator Monthly Availability

Offshore Grid Delivery Models for Ireland Options Paper

21 September 2020

This is an options paper prepared in response to the Climate Action Plan to identify offshore grid delivery models for Ireland.

TSO Capacity Release applications - CRU/20/060

18 September 2020

The purpose of this document is inform customers of generators who have availed of Capacity release under CRU decision CRU/20/060.

Annual Renewable Dispatch Down (Constraint and Curtailment) Report 2019

17 September 2020

Annual Renewable Dispatch down (Constraint and Curtailment) Report for Ireland and northern Ireland 2019

Outage Week 39(2020) - 1(2021)

17 September 2020

16 Week All-Island Generator Outage Plan