Transmission Outage Summary 2021 (Week 46-47)

12 November 2021

summary of transmission system outages in Week 46 and 47

Transmission Outage Summary 2021 (Week 44-45)

12 November 2021

Summary of transmission system outages in Week 44 and 45

TSO Strategic Objectives Multi-Year Plan 2022-2026 Consultation Paper

12 November 2021

Stakeholders are invited to respond outlining their views on whether the proposed approach is aligned with the objectives of the TSO Strategic Objective Incentive per the PR5 Regulatory Framework set out in CRU/20/154. Open until 10 Dec

Outage Week 46(2021) - 09(2022)

10 November 2021

16 Week All-Island Generator Outage Plan

Shaping Our Electricity Future Roadmap

09 November 2021

Shaping Our Electricity Future Roadmap provides an outline of the key developments from a networks, engagement, operations and market perspective needed to support a secure transition to at least 70% renewables on the electricity grid by 2030 – an important step on the journey to 80% and to net zero by 2050.

Shaping Our Electricity Future Industry Feedback Summary

09 November 2021

The Shaping Our Electricity Future (SOEF) consultation was a step in understanding the electricity viewpoints of all stakeholders in Ireland and Northern Ireland.