EirGrid Begins Consultation on a New Electricity Infrastructure Project

23 November 2018

EirGrid is beginning public consultation on a new electricity infrastructure project that will strengthen the grid in the east of the country.

This proposed development that will help to transfer electricity from the west of the country and distribute it within the network in Meath, Kildare and Dublin.

The project will help meet the growing demand for electricity in the East. This growth is due to increased economic activity and the planned connection of new data centres in the region.

Power is currently transported cross-country on two 400 kV lines from the Moneypoint station in Clare to the Dunstown substation in Kildare and Woodland substation in Meath.

EirGrid spokesperson David Martin said: “These two lines are over 30 years old and are carrying more power than ever before, particularly due to increased demand and the growth of wind energy in the south west of the country. This is an important project that will secure energy supply in Meath, Kildare and Dublin and underpin economic growth in the region.”

Transporting increased amounts of electricity on these 400 kV lines could cause problems that would affect the security of electricity supply throughout Ireland, particularly if one of the lines is lost unexpectedly.

The project, known as EirGrid Capital Project 966, is likely to involve building a new circuit that links the Dunstown and Woodland substations. It is at a very early stage of development. The project team is evaluating five possible technology options, both overhead and underground, that link the two substations.

They are an upgrade of an existing 220 kV line to 400 kV; a new 400 kV overhead line; a new 220 kV overhead line; a new 220 kV underground cable, and a new 400 kV underground cable.

These options will be evaluated against a set of five criteria: technical, economic, environmental, deliverability and socio-economic. Based on this, a shortlist of options will be put forward for more detailed evaluation and analysis.

The public and other stakeholders can provide feedback to the project team which will form part of the overall evaluation. This first phase of consultation starts today and runs for 10 weeks.

Feedback can be provided to the project team at www.eirgrid.com or by emailing leinstergridprojects@eirgrid.com. The closing date for feedback is Friday February 1st.

Contact David Martin on 085 6030969 for further information.

Have Your Say

Capital Project 966 is at Step Two of our new six-step approach to developing the electricity grid and consulting with the public and stakeholders.

This process, as detailed in our “Have Your Say” publication, is outlined here.

The identification of a need for a project is the first step in the process. Step Two identifies a number of possible technology solutions.

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