Agricultural Liaison Officer, Aidan Naughton

EirGrid’s North Connacht project team remains available to answer your questions

26 May 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, EirGrid is continuing to ensure that electricity is always available, when and where it is needed, every second of every day.

It is vital that EirGrid continues to support communities and industry through this period by continuing to develop the grid to ensure it meets our future needs. As a key part of our ongoing work, EirGrid remains available to answer questions on the North Connacht project.

Keeping in mind the challenges of the climate emergency that faces us, the North Connacht project will play a critical role in meeting the target of 70% of electricity consumption from renewable sources, as set out in the government’s 2019 Climate Action Plan.

This proposed development will help facilitate the transport of energy that is generated by wind farms in the region. The development will also ensure the security of supply for customers, and provide the robust electricity infrastructure required by industry across North Connacht.

Michael Mahon, Chief Infrastructure Officer at EirGrid, said working with landowners and the local community will continue during the COVID-19 pandemic:

“While keeping the lights on today, we are also developing the grid for the future, with proposed projects such as North Connacht.

“A significant number of Ireland’s wind farms are located in the North Connacht region where the level of renewable generation is now greater than the capacity of the local electricity network. Connecting these wind farms to the grid marks a significant step towards the Government’s Climate Action Plan’s target of achieving 70% of electricity consumption via renewable energy sources by 2030. In addition, the proposed project will strengthen the security of supply in the region which will in turn support regional industry growth.”

This proposed project supports Mayo County Council plans to boost business and regional investment. The recently approved Government backed Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) at Ireland West Knock Airport reflects this position and will be the only rural SDZ in the country, with the potential to introduce thousands of jobs to the region.

“The COVID-19 crisis has presented us all with many challenges”, Mr Mahon continued. “However, we want to hear from you in a way that is safe for all of us, respecting and maintaining social distancing.

“We will be inviting landowners followed by the local community to engage with us directly through our Community Liaison Officer for the project, Eoghan O’Sullivan, on 087 247 7732, or our Agricultural Liaison Officer, Aidan Naughton, on 086 172 0156. The public can also give their views and ask questions via or”