EirGrid Contacts Homeowners across Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon on Major New Electricity Project

27 July 2020

EirGrid operates and develops the electricity grid in Ireland. This includes interconnection with neighbouring grids and the wholesale electricity market. We send power from where it is generated to where it is needed, at the most economic price possible.

EirGrid is contacting thousands of stakeholders across the project study area, as part of our pre consultation assessment in relation to the North Connacht 110kV project.

We want to hear from people living within the study area of the proposed North Connacht 110kV project, which will run from Moy substation near Ballina, Co. Mayo to Tonroe substation near Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon.

The project is a new 110 kV circuit that will reinforce the electricity network in the North West and facilitate the movement of wind energy from the region. The circuit will be either an underground cable or overhead line.

The EirGrid project team is currently evaluating possible routes for the circuit within a defined study area that runs from Foxford in the west to Tubercurry in the east; and Ballina in the north to Ballaghaderreen in the south.

David Martin, EirGrid spokesperson, said: “With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking at new ways to engage with people living in the study area as the project progresses. People can help us by completing a short survey. A link to the survey will be provided to those who wish to receive project updates and to those who want to help decide how EirGrid should engage with the public regarding the project.

“The project is reaching a critical point where we will soon determine the best possible routes for an overhead line or underground cable. It is vitally important that we receive feedback from people who may be affected by the project.”

Those living within the study area can expect to receive information in early August and EirGrid are encouraging as many as possible to get involved in the process. Following a comprehensive analysis of the responses from residents, EirGrid will launch a formal public consultation on the project this September.

This will allow those living in the area to directly impact what the final project will look like, as the consultation will help determine whether the circuit will be an overhead line or an underground cable. It will also determine what route the cable will take between Ballina and Ballaghaderreen.