EirGrid Planning for Ireland’s Energy Future

EirGrid is asking the energy industry, members of the public and interested groups to help it plan for Ireland’s energy future under a significant new initiative to be launched at its annual conference in Dublin Castle tomorrow.

The group will unveil “Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios 2017 - Planning our Energy Future”. This is a series of energy scenarios that will help it efficiently develop the electricity grid taking into account uncertainties regarding future demand for, and technology used to, generate electricity.

In February EirGrid will publish a document detailing the draft energy scenarios out to 2030 and beyond, and begin a six-week period of public consultation.

Fintan Slye, EirGrid chief executive, said: “At EirGrid, one of our roles is to plan the development of the electricity transmission grid to meet the future needs of society. To do this we consider how electricity may be used and generated years from now - and what this means for the electricity grid of today.”

This represents a long-term investment for EirGrid. The company will consult on an ongoing basis as well as updating the scenarios every two years.

He added: “The draft scenarios have been developed using our own experience and significant input from government departments and agencies, energy research groups and representative groups. We believe this initiative will also help Government, our customers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions.”

EirGrid is welcoming EU Commissioner Phil Hogan and Dr Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency in Paris as keynote speakers at the conference tomorrow.  Around 300 delegates, drawn from the senior ranks of the energy sector in Ireland, will attend the conference which is themed ‘Planning for our Energy Future’.