EirGrid Planning for Ireland's Energy Future

22 March 2018

EirGrid is asking the energy industry, members of the public and interested groups to help it plan for Ireland’s energy future.

The call coincides with the launch of the Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios Locations Consultation Report, the second in a series of three reports examining Ireland’s future energy needs to be completed by the end of 2018. The first report published last year outlined four different energy scenarios out to 2040 that will help EirGrid efficiently plan and develop the electricity grid.

The new report provides a more detailed analysis, looking at the implications of the four scenarios at regional level. There will be a six-week period of consultation, during which EirGrid will encourage interested parties to join the conversation on Ireland’s energy future and make submissions.

To facilitate this interaction, EirGrid will hold an information webinar with Engineers Ireland on 4 April. The report’s authors will discuss the report and its implications in front of an audience of industry experts. Questions will be taken from the floor and online.

Aidan Skelly, EirGrid interim chief executive, said: “One of our roles is to plan the development of the electricity transmission grid to meet the future needs of society. To do this we consider how electricity may be used and generated years from now - and what this means for the electricity grid of today. The company will continue to consult on this, as well as updating the scenarios every two years.”

He added: “The draft scenarios have been developed using our own experience and significant input from government departments and agencies, energy research groups and representative groups. We believe this initiative will also help Government, our customers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions. It is important to note also that this is a high-level, regional report and does not pick specific sites or locations where new infrastructure will be needed.”

Read more about report here and access the online consultation form here.