Have Your Say

Have Your Say

When we work together, we can create a stronger and better electricity grid with the least possible impact on you and your community.

Following a review of our public consultation process, we promised to improve the way we consult with the public and other stakeholders.

We have produced a summary guide of our improved consultation process - Have Your Say. It explains why we develop the electricity grid, and how we consult with the public and other stakeholders to get feedback on our plans.

This guide tells you what to expect from us, and what we would like from you.

There is one very important principle that is at the heart of our consultation process.

The earlier you get involved in our projects, the more influence you can have on them.

Ireland's Grid Development Strategy

EirGrid has published a final grid development strategy after having taken input and feedback on it over a number of months.

We have published the strategy alongside a document setting out all of the feedback received and how that has been taken into account.

You can read our finalised grid development strategy, our draft strategy, our response to stakeholders' feedback, and the technical report appendix to Ireland's Grid Development Strategy by clicking on the links below.