EirGrid Group


Since 2006, EirGrid has operated and developed the national high voltage electricity grid in  Ireland. EirGrid is a state-owned company and is independent from ESB. We operate the flow of power on the grid and plan for its future, while ESB networks is responsible for carrying out maintenance, repairs and construction on the grid. The grid moves wholesale power around the country by bringing energy from generation stations to heavy industry and high-tech users. The grid also supplies the distribution network operated by ESB Networks that powers every electricity customer in the country.


SONI is the Electricity Transmission System Operator for Northern Ireland. From our control centre in Belfast, we ensure that power flows where and when needed. We bring power from those who generate energy, and supply the distribution network operated by Northern Ireland Electricity that brings power to individual homes, farms and businesses. SONI is independent from Northern Ireland Electricity. Since 2014, SONI is responsible for planning for the future of the grid, while Northern Ireland Electricity is responsible for maintenance, repairs and construction of the grid.


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SEMO is the Single Electricity Market Operator for the island of Ireland. This organisation runs the wholesale market for electricity. This allows companies to make bids to buy or sell electricity in bulk. A well-run electricity market is essential for all those who need this energy. It provides fair and independent pricing for those who generate electricity. It also permits competition in the sale of power, which benefits every electricity user.

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EirGrid Interconnector DAC

Transmission grids are often interconnected so that energy can flow from one country to another. This helps provide a safe, secure, reliable and affordable energy supply for everybody. EirGrid Interconnector DAC owns the East West Interconnector linking the electricity grids in Ireland and Great Britain. We sell capacity on the East West Interconnector through auctions.

EirGrid Telecoms DAC

EirGrid Telecoms DAC provides opportunities for telecommunications trading and associated activities across fibre networks integrated into the East West Interconnector.

EirGrid Group

Our task is to deliver a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity – now, and in the future. The EirGrid Group achieves this goal using a family of organisations - EirGrid, SONI and SEMO.