Respect for the environment is a key part of the development and operation of the transmission system. Electricity transmission infrastructure (overhead lines, underground cables, substations) interacts with many environmental factors including natural habitats, wildlife- especially birds, landscape and cultural heritage.

We undertake Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) of our Grid implementation plans every 5 years. Our current plan and SEA covers the period 2017-2022 and can be accessed on the icon below.

Individual projects are all subject to environmental assessment and Appropriate Assessment (EU Habitats Directive).

We have published a number of studies which assess how the existing transmission system interacts with the natural and human environment. 

We have also published guidelines for standard approaches to assessing potential impacts of transmission projects on ecology and cultural heritage. Guidance on EMF and human health is also available. These studies and guidelines assist us to identify, characterise and mitigate potential environmental impacts in the development of grid infrastructure.

For more information on our studies and guidelines, please see below.