West Dublin

The following table provides links to plans and drawings documents. These files are in PDF format and will open in a new window. The file size is in kilobytes (KB).

Plans & Drawings Register and Plans & Drawings

9.7M 7568-2000 Regional Site Location Map.pdf 2.0M 7568-2001-Site-Location-Context-Map-Project-Overview.pdf 1.5M 7568-2002 Site Location Map - Sheet 1 of 4.pdf 2.3M 7568-2003 Site Location Map - Sheet 2 of 4.pdf 2.1M 7568-2004 Site Location Map - Sheet 3 of 4.pdf 1.5M 7568-2005-Site-Location-Map-Sheet-4-of-4.pdf 516.2K 7568-2100 Substation Compound Existing Site Layout Plan.pdf 4.9M 7568-2101-Substation-Compound-Proposed-Site-Layout-Plan.pdf 1.2M 7568-2102 Substation Compound Equipment Layout Plan.pdf 138.3K 7568-2103-110kV-GIS-Building-Floor-Plans-and-Section.pdf 161.0K 7568-2104-220kV-GIS-Building-Floor-Plans-and-Section.pdf 113.7K 7568-2105 220kV GIS Buildings Elevations.pdf 106.5K 7568-2106 110kV GIS Buildings Elevations.pdf 1.3M 7568-2107 Substation Compond Sections.pdf 4.9M 7568-2108-Substation-Compound-Drainage-Utilities-Layout.pdf 1.3M 7568-2109-Substation-Compound-Access-Drawing.pdf 4.2M 7568-2110 Substation Compound Landscaping Plan.pdf 307.4K 7568-2120-Western-Interface-Compound-Layout-Plan.pdf 510.3K 7568-2121-Western-Indterface-Compound-Elevations.pdf 266.4K 7568-2122-Western-Interface-Compound-Drainage-Layout-Plan.pdf 618.5K 7568-2123-Western-Interface-Compound-Sections.pdf 532.5K 7568-2124 Western Interface Compound Access Darwings.pdf 1.0M 7568-2125 Western Intderface Compound Landscaping Plan.pdf 612.6K 7568-2130 Eastern Interface Compound Layout Plan.pdf 324.7K 7568-2131 Eastern Interface Compound Elevations.pdf 647.8K 7568-2132 Eastern Interface Compound Drainage Layout Plan.pdf 572.0K 7568-2133 Eastern Interface Compound Sections.pdf 619.2K 7568-2134 Eastern Interface Compound Access Drawing.pdf 1.3M 7568-2135 Eastern Interface Compound Landscaping Plan.pdf 183.2K 7568-2140 220kV Terminal Tower Details.pdf 266.5K 7568-2141-Standard-Fencing-Gate-Details.pdf 525.1K 7568-2142-Standard-Road-Circuit-Drainage-Details.pdf 246.3K 7568-2143 Typical Watermain Details.pdf 206.4K 7568-2144 Typical Manhole Details.pdf 138.2K 7568-2145 Typical Cable Joint Bay Details.pdf 188.7K 7568-2146 Landscaping General Planting Details.pdf