Publication Scheme for FOI

Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 requires FOI bodies to prepare and publish as much information as possible in an open and accessible manner on a routine basis outside of FOI, having regard to the principles of openness, transparency and accountability as set out in Sections 8(5) and 11(3) of the Act. This allows for the publication or giving of records outside of FOI provided that such publication or giving of access is not prohibited by law. The scheme commits FOI bodies to make information available as part of their normal business activities in accordance with this scheme.

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Since 2006, EirGrid has operated and developed the national high voltage electricity grid in  Ireland. EirGrid is a state-owned company, and pays a dividend to the national income of Ireland each year. EirGrid is independent from ESB. We operate the flow of power on the grid and plan for its future, while ESB networks is responsible for carrying out maintenance, repairs and construction on the grid. The grid moves wholesale power around the country. We bring energy from generation stations to heavy industry and high-tech users. We also supply the distribution network operated by ESB Networks that powers every electricity customer in the country. You can read more about who we are and what we do by clicking here. Other useful downloads include our Governance and Management Arrangements, and Organisational Structure. Please refer to the EirGrid Annual Reports which will contain a breakdown of pay by key bands commencing financial year 19/20.

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Our philosophy regarding FOI is to be open and transparent, and we will positively manage our obligations to respond to requests for information.
In support of this philosophy, we will proactively publish certain information commonly sought under Freedom of Information. This will include the FOI Request Disclosure Log. The publication of the materials will be scheduled for the end of the quarter for the previous quarter. You can find this information, as well as other publications, in our library.