Demand Connections – Ireland

A demand customer is a large commercial or industrial user of power. They can apply to connect to either the Transmission System Operator (EirGrid) or the Distribution System Operator (ESB Networks).

In deciding which system to apply to, the following information will be useful.  

  • To apply for projects in Ireland with a total demand of less than 20MVA at a single location, a distribution connection should generally be investigated first - please refer to the distribution operator, ESB Networks website.
  • For a connection larger than that, this page provides information on how to apply to EirGrid. All parties applying to connect to the transmission system must submit a formal application to EirGrid as the Transmission System Operator.

The following application form and signed copies of the following documents must be submitted as part of an application to EirGrid:

Maximum Import Capacity (MIC)

It is extremely important that an applicant applying for a demand connection accurately determines and specifies the MIC (the maximum amount of capacity or quantity of power which is proposed to be used). If the MIC is amended during the connection application process, then EirGrid may have to re-evaluate the application which may result in a delay in issuing the Connection Offer. A customer's MIC will determine the Network Capacity Charge and if a customer consumes energy in excess of their contacted MIC they are liable for an Unauthorised Usage Charge.

If a demand customer intends constructing onsite generation that will be paralleled to the system as part of their facility it is important that this is specified in the application as it may impact on the connection method.  Anyone wishing to construct a generation facility (including onsite CHP) must obtain authorisation from the CER prior to commencing work and may also require a generation licence from the CER.

Further detail on EirGrid’s MIC administration policy can be found here.

Application Fee

When submitting an application form to EirGrid as TSO, the application must be accompanied by all supporting documentation as requested, including two signed copies of the EirGrid standard confidentiality agreement and the first instalment of €7,000 (inclusive of VAT) of the application fee. The total application fee is dependent on the size of the plant. The formula for calculating this fee is set out in the Statement of Charges document as approved by the CER annually.

Modification Requests & Fees

Demand customers may apply to change certain elements of their connection agreements by submitting a formal modification request to EirGrid. Modification requests can be submitted to EirGrid by filling out the application form(s) -  see Demand Customer Application Form above - and paying the appropriate fee. 

The appropriate fees are available by consulting the current version of EirGrid’s Statement of Charges available here.

All modification requests should be submitted in soft copy to

Connections, commissioning and contestable works

Details regarding connecting, connection works, commissioning and key dates for a project will be outlined in the Connection Agreement.  Under current policy, transmission connected generators and demand customers are entitled to procure large elements of their shallow connection themselves. However, there will still be work required to be done by the TSO with respect to design, approval, commissioning, final connections and remote station work.

Find all the supporting documentation you need here.

Advanced Works Packages

Demand and generation customers may apply to request an Advanced Works Package to progress specific works for their project in advance of a modified connection agreement being executed. 

The application form and guidelines for applying for an Advanced Works Package are available here.

Applications can be submitted to EirGrid by filling out the appropriate form(s) and paying the appropriate fee. 

The application fee for an Advanced Works Package is a Level 1 fee. Please consult the current version of EirGrid’s Statement of Charges available here.

All application requests should be submitted in soft copy to

Data Centres

In June 2019, EirGrid issued version 1 of the Data Centre Connection Offer Process and Policy (DCCOPP) which set out the connection offer process and policy for data centres and consolidated existing and new policy measures into a single document for customer clarity. Customers have since provided feedback to EirGrid in relation to the measures included in the DCCOPP. We have taken that feedback and used it to make a number of updates to the paper. In particular, the sections on Flexible Demand, On-site Generation, Advanced Work Packages, Annual Forecasts, Stage 1 Process and the publication of data have now been updated.

See updated Data Centre Connection Offer Process and Policy here.

17.07.20 - Data Centre Consultation

EirGrid has begun a six-week consultation on its Data Centre Connection Offer Process and Policy (DCCOPP). The consultation paper seeks comment on a range of areas related to Capacity Allocation, MIC Ramping, Planning Permission timeframes, Data Publication and the Provision of System Services and Demand Response. EirGrid welcome feedback on the questions posed within the paper, which will be used to inform our next steps on data centre policy development.

Responses should be submitted to before 28th August 2020.

See Data Centre Connection Offer Process and Policy Consultation here.

Autoproducer Customer Connections

Customers may apply for a grid connection in order to generate and consume electricity from that site as an Autoproducer. Specifically, CER/03/237 defines an Autoproducer as “a person who has entered into a Connection Agreement with the DSO or TSO and generates and consumes electricity in a Single Premises, or on whose behalf another person generates electricity in the Single Premises, essentially for the first person’s own consumption in that Single Premises.”

Enduring Connection Policy 2 (ECP-2) is the policy governing the processing of Autoproducer applications, where they are considered under Category B as a non-batch application.

EirGrid has published the ‘Autoproducer Customer Connection’ form in order to facilitate the application, processing and study of Autoproducer applications.

Autoproducer Customer Connection form (Word version)

Autoproducer Customer Connection form (pdf version)