Offshore Wind-Substation and Cable Functional Specification Revisions

With one of the best wind resources in Europe, offshore wind has the potential to play a significant role in the transition to a low carbon future in Ireland and Northern Ireland. In Ireland approximately 5.6 GW of off shore wind farm projects have applied to connect to the electricity system.

EirGrid has recently revised the Functional Specifications for Offshore Substations and Offshore Submarine cables to inform and provide guidance to industry, in line with our licence obligations taking into account obligations under health and safety and system security requirements.

The revised specifications are as a result of a review of relevant and latest international standards and in light of recent experience of offshore work undertaken internationally.

EirGrid is now seeking to engage and consult with industry in relation to these revised functional specifications. All stakeholder responses will then be collated and addressed prior to final publication of the specifications.

Please find the consultation documents below:

EirGrid and ESB Networks are now seeking your views if you have any feedback on the proposed Functional Specifications. 

If you would like to respond, please download the Comments Register for Consultation Respondents and input your comments.

The consultation period will close on 31.01.2019.

When the consultation closes, EirGrid and ESB Networks will review all the comments. 

Please note: EirGrid and ESB Networks intend to publish all responses received so if you don’t want your response published please mark this on your comments register explaining your reasons.

An industry workshop will be scheduled with responders in 2020.

The revised offshore specifications following industry review are available below:

For the avoidance of confusion and to assist customers in their consideration of the revised Functional Specifications, EirGrid would note that that this consultation does not extend to the setting of any minimum technical transmission standards and policies that may pertain to offshore transmission assets. Information on minimum standards is generally available on the EirGrid extranet site upon request.