Solar Farm Clearance Consultation

There is an increasing requirement to consider the placement of photovoltaic panels/solar farms directly below or adjacent to existing 110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV overhead transmission lines and in proximity to transmission assets. EirGrid has developed a draft policy on this matter, to inform and provide guidance to industry, in line with our licence obligations.

EirGrid is now seeking to engage and consult with industry in relation to this draft policy to ensure key concerns are taken into account. All stakeholder responses will then be collated and addressed prior to final publication of the policy.

Please find the consultation documents below

  1. Comments Register for Consultation Respondents
  1. Solar Farm Clearances Report
  1. Solar Farm Clearances  Draft Policy
  1. Solar Farm Clearances - Interim Approach

EirGrid and ESB Networks are now seeking your views in relation to the proposals above.  If you would like to respond, please download the Comments Register for Consultation Respondents and input your comments. You can then return it to and

The consultation will run for four weeks and will close on 03 November 2017. When the consultation closes, EirGrid and ESB Networks will review all the comments and prepare a consultation report. 

Please note: EirGrid and ESB Networks intend to publish all responses that we receive so if you don’t want your response published you should mark this on your comments register explaining your reasons.

Update - October 2020

This consultation has now closed and consultation response documents can be found here.

This consultation has been concluded with the publication of the Transmission Line and Solar Farm Guideline Clearance document.