Pre-Energisation Data

When a customer submits an application for connection to the electricity system the information provided generally relates to a project at an early stage in its development which is likely to undergo changes as the project progresses towards energisation. As such, many applications have been based on “Assumed Data” only with “Applicant Specific Data” being submitted prior to energisation.

EirGrid carries out a range of detailed studies, such as voltage, short circuit and dynamics studies, before a customer can connect to the Transmission System either directly or via a connection to the Distribution System. The purpose of these studies is to ensure that the connection of that generator will not cause any technical or safety issues. The Applicant Specific Data which is required to complete these studies is known as “Pre Energisation Data” (PED).

Please refer to this Information Note developed by EirGrid and ESB Networks Limited (the System Operator(s)) which sets out the key principles and process for handling PED to facilitate the customer in complying with their contractual obligations to provide PED in a timely manner. It gives details on which information the System Operators (SOs) require from the customer and which information the SOs shall provide to the customer.