Network Delivery Portfolio (NDP)

Our Network Delivery Portfolio (NDP) is simply the most ambitious programme of works ever undertaken on the transmission system in Ireland. To place the NDP in context, between 2021 and 2030, we anticipate over 350 projects being completed to reinforce the system and connect Industry representing an investment of over €3bn in the grid.

The work is required to connect significant volumes of offshore and onshore wind, solar and conventional generation while also reinforcing the power system and implementing over 40 candidate solutions identified in Shaping Our Electricity Future to support the future economic and social development of our country.

Our focus continues to be to maximise the system benefit while minimising the infrastructure build required. Further information on these projects is available from the grid section of our website and will be updated on a regular basis.

EirGrid is required to publish quarterly updates on the progress of all its transmission infrastructure projects as set out in CRU/20/154, the CRU’s PR5 Regulatory Framework, Incentives and Reporting Decision Paper. The NDP provides a quarterly status update on 3 key milestones, EirGrid Capital Approval, Project Agreement with ESB and Energisation for these projects. Project dates and timelines provided in the NDP are based on an unconstrained scenario and are, therefore, indicative in nature and subject to change for a variety of reasons.

TOP23 will be published in early February 2023. There is a risk that a number of project schedules will change due to outage constraints. Final TOP23 analysis is currently underway therefore additional information will not be available prior to publication.

Network Delivery Portfolio Publication

The portfolio publication provided below is a progress update on all the system reinforcement, generator and demand and customer connection projects and the Associated Transmission Reinforcement Projects (ATR) that are currently under development.

Network Delivery Portfolio Publication Q3 (2022) -Published on 7th October 2022

Network Delivery Portfolio Guidance Document -Published on 7th October 2022

Network Delivery Portfolio Publication Q4 (2022) -Published on 1st February 2023

Network Delivery Portfolio Guidance Document -Published on 27th January 2023