Generation Outages

Generation Outage Plans

Information on how the annual Generation Outage Plan is developed is in the Annual Generation Outage Planning document.

The Annual All-Island Generation Outage Plans (including EirGrid and SONI Generator Outages, Demand Side Unit Outages and Interconnector Outages) are published on the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) website in the General Publications section (category Maintenance and outages) and updated on a quarterly basis or as necessary. Each month, the two-monthly All-Island Outage Plan is also published in the General Publications (category: Maintenance and Outages) section of the SEMO website.

Outage plans are coordinated by EirGrid and SONI to ensure the best result and more information on that is in the Harmonised All Island Generation Outage Planning document

Generation Outage Requests

Generators can send Generator Outage requests to EirGrid using the Generator Outage request form. 

This can cover:

a) New Outage Requests

b) Outage Change Requests

c) New short-term (STMO) Requests

d) Changes to STMO Requests

Short-Term Maintenance Outages (STMOs), are short, opportunistic maintenance outages, typically carried out at low load periods - overnight or at the weekend. Should a generator wish to take an STMO (generally for less than 48 hours in duration i.e. short-term), then EirGrid will assess this outage request in light of the planned network configuration, forecast load and capacity margin at the requested outage time.

STMO requests should typically be made at least five working days in advance of the requested outage start time and date. This lead time will be used by EirGrid to undertake system studies and if issues are identified, EirGrid will request that the outage start time/date be changed by up to five days and/or moved to the nearest weekend.

The forms that are used for Generator Outage requests are:

Form GEN01 - Generator Outage Request  

Form GEN02 - Major Generator Outage Cancellation  

Form GEN03 - Submission of Annual Outage Plans

Form GEN04 - Generator Outage Detail Form

Form GEN05 - Wind Farm Outage Request

Form GEN06 - Generator VO Request Form

Form GEN07 - Interconnector Outage Request Form

Form GEN08 - Wind Farm Outage Availability Submission

Notification of Change In Unit Availability

Guidelines for Generator HV Plant Outages

When a Generator needs to request the outage of high voltage (HV) plant at the Generating Station the following guidelines must be followed: 

For an outage scheduled on the Committed Outage Program and Transmission Outage Program, please complete a Generator VO Request Form (see here) and send it to and at least 7 working days in advance of outage start date. The start and end dates requested on this form should be in line with those agreed in the Committed Outage Program and Transmission Outage Program.  Any requested deviations from agreed dates will require 5 working days notice.

For outages not in the Committed Outage Program and Transmission Outage Program, 10 working days notice is required to assess their feasibility. While outages requested with 10 working days’ notice cannot be guaranteed, requests with less notice are much less likely to be achievable.