Transmission Outages

Transmission Outages involve planned times when transmission infrastructure (lines, cables and substations etc.) will be maintained and not in service. It also involves times when testing, connection of new plant and decommissioning of old plant is carried out.

2023 Transmission Outage Programme

We plan and manage an annual Transmission Outage Programme. This programme includes all outages of transmission infrastructure which are planned to occur this year. You can access a list of planned outages for the remainder of 2023 at the link below. Separate tabs are provided to list outages by region. An ‘Info’ tab is provided to give information on the transmission outage planning process. An updated version of this document will be published in the first week of each month.


Transmission Outage Programme 2023

Transmission Outage Programme 2023 - CAPEX & Maintenance


The following are the weekly documents dealing with the Transmission Outage Programme 2023.

Transmission Outage Summary 2023 (Week 23-24)

Transmission Outage Summary 2023 (Week 21-22)

Transmission Outage Summary 2023 (Week 19-20)

Transmission Outage Summary 2023 (Week 17-18)

Transmission Outage Summary 2023 (Week 15-16)


Legend available here. Transmission Outage Summary documents for previous years can be found in our library.

Transmission Outage Requests

Transmission connected customers can submit Transmission Outage requests to EirGrid using the Transmission Outage Request Form.

Communicating with EirGrid about outages

For outages of generator unit transformers or any other outage on the generator’s side that affects availability, an e-mail containing the outage requirements should be sent to

Transmission outages affecting a generator’s point of connection to the system are managed as follows:

Outage Planning asks for generator transformer and house transformer outage requirements for the coming year.

The information received feeds into the development of the Transmission Outage Program.

When the final Transmission Outage Program is complete, we give all generators details of all transmission outages affecting them.

During specific transmission outages EirGrid will notify a station that a generation unit’s Availability as defined in the Grid Code will be different from the Outturn Availability in the transmission dispatch system.

Where this occurs stations should complete the form here to record any changes in the units Availability. 

Requests for changes to scheduled transmission outages should be submitted to


Longer Term Transmission Outage Planning

The Transmission Outage Programme for each year is published in February and updated on a monthly basis to take into account change that arises throughout the year. EirGrid also conducts longer term transmission outage planning to develop a high level programme of future capital project outages based on the information available for transmission projects at the time of assessment. This is called the Multi Year Delivery Programme (MYDP). As the timelines and information for projects is long term information, a detailed assessment is not conducted and there is greater uncertainty around the outage details including durations and timing.

As part of the MYDP, an indicative plan of the capital project outages only for the following year is developed in Q3 giving a high level indication of the feasibility of the planned outages for the following year. Transmission outages contained in the TOP20 MYDP Plan are published below. All transmission outages provided are indicative only and based on available information at the time of assessment. These are likely to be modified and expanded as further project information becomes available, other planned and unplanned outages change and maintenance requirements are incorporated into the programme as part of the annual Transmission Outage Programme development. TOP20, as published in February 2020, will provide further information.