Renewable Electricity Support Scheme

RESS is the new Renewable Electricity Support Scheme in Ireland

RESS is the new Renewable Electricity Support Scheme in Ireland. RESS will provide financial support to renewable electricity projects in the Republic of Ireland.  It is a pivotal component of the National Energy and Climate Plan and is essential for achieving Ireland’s 70% renewable electricity target by 2030. Auctions will decide which generators will receive contracts.

The RESS 1 auction will be delivered by a number of organisations and agencies, namely Department of Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC), Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and EirGrid, working together.

Overall scope of RESS

The overall scope of RESS 1 can be described as follows:

  • Obtain RESS EU State Aid approval;
  • Prepare the design and detailed Terms and Conditions;
  • Develop procedures for auction;
  • Undertake industry workshops;
  • Obtain government approval; and
  • Implement, run and administer the auction.

EirGrid has been tasked with implementing and operating the majority of auction processes for RESS 1. It involves working with DECC and CRU on the detailed design and Terms and Conditions for the scheme. It also includes the development of agreed procedures, documentation processes and systems required for auction. The operational phase will involve engagement with industry and the wider public during qualification and auction phases.

RESS 1 Auction Timetable

Please find at this link the approved and updated RESS 1 Auction Timetable by the Minister.

RESS 1 Qualification Information Pack

A Qualification Information Pack in respect of the RESS 1 Auction can be found at this link. Now that the qualification window for the RESS 1 Auction is open, the documentation found at the link will be needed for completion of your Application for Qualification. The online qualification portal which will be used to facilitate completion of the Application for Qualification will be available for use from 16th March 2020. As part of this pack, we have provided an offline template (R1OT) for your perusal which is a replica of what the portal will look like. In advance of the portal being available, you should use the time to complete all the forms and declarations. Other information required to be included in the Application for Qualification can be found in the offline template (R1OT). Included in this Qualification Information Pack are details of a number of Q&A sessions that will take place over the course of the qualification window.

RESS 1 Auction Information Pack

An Auction Information Pack in respect of the RESS 1 Auction can be found at this link.  The RESS 1 Auction submission window for Offer Prices from Qualified Applicants will open on 21/07/20 at 10:00 and close on 28/07/20 at 12:00.  Offer prices to be submitted via the online portal must be specified to two decimal places, must be greater than or equal to 0.00 €/MWh and must be less than or equal to 120.00 €/MWh.  

Any technical difficulties with the portal should be sent to

Any project related queries should continue to be sent to

RESS 1 Provisional Auction Results

The RESS 1 provisional auction results are available to view at this link.

RESS 1 Final Auction Results Report

The RESS 1 Final Auction Results Report is available to view at this link. The results are also available to view in excel format here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective RESS 1 Applicants should refer to the Terms and Conditions throughout. The following document is provided as a working document containing answers to frequently asked questions and is subject to change. The answers are provided for information purposes only and where there is any conflict between the answer provided here and the Terms and Conditions, the latter prevails. Please contact us if you have any outstanding queries at


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