FlexTech Initiative

What is the FlexTech Integration Initiative?

The FlexTech Technology Integration initiative aims to breakdown key barriers across a wide range of technical, operational, commercial, regulatory, and market challenges in order to facilitate the integration of renewable energy In Ireland and Northern Ireland. In doing so, the objective is to maximise the opportunity to make effective use of new and existing technologies to meet the needs of the future power system. 

Through collaboration, we can better understand stakeholders perspectives and key challenges in the electricity sector, which, if resolved, will bring considerable transformation in the further integration of renewables to meet the needs of Ireland and Northern Ireland’s power system.

It is recognised that enhanced engagement across the sector is required to help make this happen. To maximise this potential, the FlexTech Initiative will provide a comprehensive platform through which the system operators, regulatory bodies and industry engage with each other.

EirGrid and SONI are coordinating the FlexTech Initiative, with support from ESB Networks and NIE Networks.

To view a copy of the presentation from the FlexTech Industry Forum in June 2019, please click here.

To view a copy of the first FlexTech consultation paper, please click here.

To view a copy of the FlexTech response to consultation paper (July 2020), please click here.