Our approach to transforming the power system for everyone's benefit.

Through our Innovation Programme, we research, develop and use innovative solutions which help us manage the ever-changing power system. Innovation is one of the core values of the EirGrid Group and we innovate to bring value to all users of the power system.

One of our main aims is to create flexibility in the system to adapt to the changes in the electricity industry. We are a small island with ambitious targets for renewable generation and increased energy user participation. This creates the opportunity to do things differently and deliver solutions that have real benefits for our customers and the wider community.

The Innovation Programme involves the integration of new technologies and services which work well with each other and improve the way we operate the electricity system. The programme will help facilitate a low-carbon energy future, while helping us operate and maintain a safe, secure and efficient power system.

Currently there are three significant components to the Innovation Programme

Power Off & Save

EirGrid has partnered with Electric Ireland in a trial which sees residential consumers participate in power saving - getting paid to reduce demand.