CP1021 Environmental Constraints Report

09 May 2022

This Environmental Constraints Report has been prepared to identify the environmental constraints that should be considered for the proposed project.

Capital Project 1021 - OHL Feasibility Report

09 May 2022

This report only considers the technical feasibility of the Overhead Line (OHL) options.

CP1021 Proposed Project Overview Report

09 May 2022

Capital Project 1021 (CP1021) is a proposed project to reinforce the electricity network between East Meath and North Dublin.

Quarterly Imperfections Cost Report Jan 2022– Mar 2022

06 May 2022

Quarterly update of factors affecting Imperfections costs.

Outage Week 19(2022)-34(2022)

05 May 2022

16 Week All-Island Generator Outage Plan