Power Quality Requirements for Connection to the Transmission System v1.0

04 March 2022

Note that this document on power quality requirements was released in 2015 and the EirGrid Policy on Harmonics (Issue No. 2, Revision No. 1, December 2013) given at the end of this document has been updated with the new policy - Issue No. 3, August 2021.


02 March 2022

16 Week All-Island Generator Outage Plan

Outage Week 09(2022)-24(2022)

24 February 2022

16 Week All-Island Generator Outage Plan

ECP 2.1 Constraints Report – Interconnector Flows

23 February 2022

ECP 2.1 Solar and Wind Constraints Report – Interconnector Flows

Annual Electricity Transmission Performance Report 2020

21 February 2022

This report seeks to provide customers, industry and stakeholders with clear and accessible reporting on our operation, development and maintenance of the transmission system.

Investment Planning and Delivery Report 2020

21 February 2022

This report has been compiled to provide stakeholders with an overview of the transmission development programme as at the end of calendar year 2020, the final year of the Price Control 4 (2016-2020) period; and highlight how each of the six steps works, by reference to 2020 projects.

Declaration of DoF Providers, Authorised Switchers & 24 Hour Contacts

18 February 2022

Transmission connected customers can submit Transmission Outage requests to EirGrid using the Transmission Outage Request Form.