Quarterly Imperfections Cost Report Apr 2022– Jun 2022

05 August 2022

Quarterly update of factors affecting Imperfections costs.

Scheduling and Dispatch Project

05 August 2022

Update on stakeholder engagement for Scheduling and Dispatch Project

Outage Week 32(2022) - 47(2022)

03 August 2022

Generation Outage Summary for Weeks 32 - 47 in 2022

Transmission Development Plan 2021-2030 Environmental Appraisal Report

03 August 2022

The EAR has been prepared to ensure that the TDP is in accordance with the provisions of the adopted Grid Implementation Plan 2017-2022 and associated Strategic Environmental Assessment.

Transmission Development Plan 2021-2030 – Consultation Report

03 August 2022

The Consultation Report describes the TDP consultation process. It also provides an overview of the submissions received and our responses to the issues raised.

Transmission Development Plan 2021-2030

03 August 2022

Publication of statutory document which reports specifics projects over ten years period

Annual Renewable Dispatch Down (Constraint and Curtailment) Report 2021

02 August 2022

Annual Renewable Dispatch down (Constraint and Curtailment) Report for Ireland and Northern Ireland 2021