System Services – Indicative 2030 Volumes

07 December 2021

This paper provides indicative System Services volumes and requirements for 2030 based on three illustrative portfolios.

Guidelines for Generators and Demand Side Units during System States

03 December 2021

Procedure which forms part of the EirGrid Group’s power system emergency response planning

Outage Week 49(2021) - 12(2022)

03 December 2021

16 Week All-Island Outage Plan

RESS Auction Platform User Guide

03 December 2021

RESS,RESS Auction Platform User Guide

RESS Authorised User Form

03 December 2021


Addendum to North Connacht 110 kV Project Brochure Autumn 2021 Update

30 November 2021

Autumn 2021 North Connacht Project brochure addendum

DS3 System Services Statement of Payments 2022

30 November 2021

This statement of payments and charges sets out the payment rates and charge rates/parameters for DS3 System Services Regulated Arrangements with effect from 1st January 2022. This supersedes the statement of payments that was applicable from 1st May 20181.

DS3 System Services Statement of Payments December 2021

30 November 2021

This publication outlines a recent SEM Committee decision on DS3 Payment rates