Entrance to EWIC Converter Station Site
Bird nest box with integrated camera mounted on pole, due to absence of mature trees
Existing Parkland - amenity grassland to right will be planted with native trees
Meadow habitat 2021 before yellow rattle seeding
Native False fox sedge plant indicating damp conditions in meadow habitat
Birds foot trefoil. A native High Nature Value flowering plant in the EWIC meadow
Dr. Patrick Crushell from Wetland Surveys Ireland Consultants identifying meadow plants during baseline survey in 2020
Hand pulling of perennial weeds by EirGrid Ecologist
Handpulling of perennial weeds (c. 100 pulled in summer 2021)
Ringlet butterfly in meadow habitat
Taproot of native but unwanted perennial weed Broad-leaved dock
Area fenced for wetland meadow habitat creation
Preliminary signage reflecting EWIC status as registered site for Pollinators with National Biodiversity Data Centre