East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade

This project is a proposed development to reinforce the network between East Meath and North Dublin. 

The East Meath-North Dublin Community Forum will bring together people and organisations from across the project area so that stakeholder and community views can be discussed, understood and properly considered prior to and during project delivery. This community forum will create the opportunity for dialogue between stakeholders with diverse and direct interest in the project and the EirGrid project team.

The Community Forum will offer advice to EirGrid on key project developments such as:

  • how we communicate and engage with the public;
  • what we need to consider in developing the project; and
  • how we can deliver meaningful community benefit to the area where our infrastructure is hosted.

The community forum will act as a consultative body and will not replace any other engagement and consultation EirGrid carry out. Community Forum members will also be invited to input on the design and implementation of the Community Benefit Fund.

To express an interest in participating in the East Meath-North Dublin Community Forum please complete the form in the link below.

Expression of Interest Form

What's Happening Now?

July 2022

EirGrid wants to ensure that communities are at the heart of the decision making over the lifetime of the East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade, and we want to listen to relevant input and key local knowledge to assist the project team in this decision making.

To begin the process of forming a Community Forum, we hosted an information evening online on the 14th of July 2022 at 7pm. This has informed communities and stakeholders about the Community Forum, an overview of it's remit and purpose, and an overview of the Community Benefit Fund.

The power point slides shared at this meeting are available here. You can watch the webinar here.