East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade

This project is a proposed development to reinforce the network between East Meath and North Dublin. 

What is the East Meath-North Dublin upgrade?

The East Meath-North Dublin Grid upgrade is a high-capacity 400 kV underground electricity cable proposed between Woodland substation, near Batterstown in Co Meath, to Belcamp substation, near Clonshaugh in north Dublin.

This upgrade will strengthen the electricity grid in the east of Meath and the north of Dublin to improve the transfer of power across the existing transmission network.

Why is the project needed?

  • The increased electricity demand in east Meath and north Dublin due to economic development and population growth
  • To reduce the use of, and reliance on, fossil fuels
  • To further develop renewable energy generation, onshore and offshore
  • To assist in achieving the target of 80% of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030