Capital Project 1023

Capital Project 1023 is a proposed electricity development that will help the transfer of power in county Donegal.

Capital Project 1023

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March 2019

The project is in Step Two of our six-step process for developing the grid and engaging with stakeholders. We call this process Have Your Say.

In Step One of the process we identified and confirmed the need for Capital Project  1023.  In Step Two, we are looking at a range of technical options that can meet this need.

The project team is evaluating four possible options, using a range of technologies, to either enhance the capability of the existing busbar or develop a new busbar.

These options will be evaluated against a set of five criteria: technical, economic, environmental, deliverability and socio-economic. The outcome of this evaluation will be a shortlist of technology options. 

The shortlist of options will be put forward for more detailed evaluation and analysis in Step Three.