Capital Project 1029

This project will involve a significant upgrade to the network supplying power to Intel’s manufacturing plant in Leixlip.

This page shows you information on this project's activity, with more recent news first.

July 2019

A planning application was submitted to An Bord Pleanala on 8th July 2019. An Bord Pleanala will hold a seven week period of consultation on our application, running from Friday 12th July to Thursday 29th August 2019.

For further information, the application may be viewed on the application website:

May 2019

Over the past number of months we have evaluated and consulted with local people on possible project solutions. We have now identified the best performing option.

This comprises a new substation with Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) technology immediately north of the Intel facility and the Rye Water in the townland of Kellystown. An underground cable that crosses lands to the east of Ravensdale Demesne will connect the substation to the Maynooth-Woodland line. New cables will connect the substation to the Intel facility. These willl be installed below the Rye Water.

GIS Substation

The GIS substation at Intel will be a high-voltage substation in which the major structures are contained in a sealed environment.

The total space required for a GIS substation is 10% of that needed for a traditional air insulated substation.

GIS substations offer other advantages in addition to the reduced space requirements. Because the substation is enclosed in a building, it is less sensitive to pollution, as well as salt, sand or large amounts of snow. Although the initial cost of building a GIS is higher than building an air insulated substation, the operation and maintenance costs of a GIS are lower.

What's next?

We have now identified the specific site for the substation and route for the planned development.

An open day will be held at the Court Yard Hotel in Leixlip on Tuesday 21st May where members of EirGrid staff will be available to answer your questions on the best performing solution for the project.

Following this, we will move to Step 5 of our process, where a planning application will be submitted to the appropriate planning authority – in this case An Bord Pleanála.

January 2019

In January we began engaging with the public and landowners affected by the project. This ensures that local people are informed about the project and that they can provide feedback to the project team.

EirGrid and its team of consultants are also currently carrying out technical and environmental analyses.

Once these are complete, and following stakeholder consultation, the best project solution will be identified. We hope to have decided on the technology, route and substation site options by late March 2019. A planning application will be submitted later this year.

On 23 January, EirGrid is holding a public information day in the Court Yard Hotel in Leixlip for anyone who would like more information on the project or who would like to provide feedback to the project team.

You can also contact us directly until mid-February 2019. See our contact page for more details.

Construction and energisation of the project is expected to take place between 2020 and 2021.