Dublin North Fringe

This project proposes the construction of a new 220 kV electricity transmission station to reinforce the electricity infrastructure system currently serving the Dublin north city and county area (Dublin North Fringe).

We are proposing the development of a new 200 kV electricity station, intended to reinforce the supply of electricity to the Dublin north city and county area.

The study area for this project broadly runs along the N32 and is bounded by the M1 motorway, the Dublin - Belfast railway line and to the North by both Baskin Lane and Chapel Road.

Please note the study area falls into two jurisdictions which are Fingal County and Dublin City. As such Dublin North Fringe will refer to the northern part of Dublin City and the area in the southern section of Fingal county council.

Why was this project needed?

Before this project, an existing transmission station in Finglas supplied electricity to this region. However, our analysis showed that increased energy use would restrict capacity at this station.

There are projections of growth in industrial and commercial sectors in this area. Given this, we are reinforcing our infrastructure with a second 220 kV transmission station.

What are the benefits of this project?

This project improved security of supply, and increased capacity in Dublin north city and county. This will increase the potential to attract and keep investment in the region.