Grid Link

The emergence of new technology means that there is now no requirement to proceed with the previously proposed Grid Link 400 kV overhead line. We now intend to move forward with an option which will strengthen the existing grid infrastructure in the region.

In 2008, studies showed potential problems for transmission infrastructure in the south and east. Without improvement, this section of the grid would not meet future energy requirements.

In response to these three factors, our initial proposal aimed to maximise the long-term benefits of investing in transmission infrastructure. For this reason, we suggested the most established, secure and cost-effective technology – a fully overhead 400 kV HVAC line. This required a capital investment of €500-550m.

However, we are no longer recommending an overhead solution. In October 2015, we announced that we will be moving forward with the Regional Option for the project. This option meets the needs of the project without building new large scale overhead infrastructure in the south east.