Grid West

We are now replacing the Grid West project with another project called the North Connacht project after a review of the region’s renewable energy plans

The Grid West project was proposed in 2012 in response to plans for large-scale renewable generation in the North West of the country.

We originally proposed a 400kV overhead line as the technical solution for this project. Then, in 2015 we published a report to the Government-appointed Independent Expert Panel that contained three options for delivering the project. They were an underground cable, an overhead line, and a third option that combines both technologies.

However, in September 2017, we announced plans to replace Grid West with a smaller-scale development. This smaller-scale development is called the North Connacht project and you can read about it here. The decision to replace the Grid West project with the North Connacht project was made due to the significantly reduced amounts of wind generation in the North Connacht region.