Lanesborough 110kV Substation Redevelopment

This project involves the redevelopment of the Lanesborough Substation which is essential in the movement of energy across the island of Ireland.

This page shows you information on this project's activity, with more recent news first.

May 2020

Longford County Council has granted planning permission for the Lanesborough Substation scheme.

This new Lanesborough substation will be constructed on the lands adjacent to the existing Lough Ree Power Station. Construction works will begin mid next year and are expected to take two and a half years.

August 2019

EirGrid submitted a planning application to Longford County Council on 29th July 2019 for the 110kv Lanesboro Substation Redevelopment, Planning File Ref: 19201. The closing date for submissions to Longford County Council is 1st September 2019. A decision is due on 22nd September 2019. You can view the planning application at:

April 2019

Following a number of studies, EirGrid identified three technology options that would address the need in Lanesborough. These solutions are outlined below:

  1. Extend the existing substation onto adjacent greenfield land to the south-west;
  2. Build a new Air Insulated Substation (AIS) on the adjacent brownfield site to the north-east of the existing site. This option would look similar to the existing station.
  3. Build a new Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) technology on the adjacent brownfield site to the north-east of the existing site. GIS technology reduces the amount of space needed and allows the station to be enclosed in a building.

On completion of further studies EirGrid identified a best-performing technology option. This option involves the development of a new GIS 110 kV substation on a vacant brownfield site of the former Lanesborough peat generation station. The station compound will be approximately 100m x 80m and the station will sit within an enclosed building of approximately 15m x 55m in footprint and 13m in height. The proposed plans will include tree planting to reduce visual impact.


We are now looking for feedback from the community and stakeholders in Lanesborough on this proposed option. This phase of public consultation will take six weeks.

You can influence where exactly the station can be located within the feasible site.

We will be holding a Public Information Meeting on Wednesday 3 April, from 1pm – 8pm, in St. Mary’s Parish Hall, Lanesborough. If you would like further information on this project, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop into the meeting to speak with a member of the EirGrid team. Details of this meeting will be advertised in advance in the local media, and on social media.