Mullingar Reinforcement

This project is a new 25km 110kv transmission line and has now been completed. 

This project was a plan for 25 km of new 110 kv transmission line, which is under construction. It runs between existing transmission stations in Mullingar, County Westmeath and Killaskillen, County Meath.

Why is this project needed?

This project was essential to improve the security of electricity supply to the Mullingar region. Increasing demand for electricity in this area placed a continued strain on the transmission network. This meant that the existing 110 kV network was approaching its technical limit. A consequence of this was a gradual decline in network performance and quality of supply. This resulted in lower voltages, an increased potential for voltage dips, and a risk of voltage collapse. This could have damaged customer equipment and compromised customer manufacturing.

In the case of Mullingar, only two 110 kV overhead lines supplied electricity to the area. This project delivered a third line. This is a standard approach for a town of this size, as without it there was a real risk to Mullingar's electricity supply.

For example, it is routine for one of the two existing 110 kV lines to be occasionally out of service for maintenance.  If the second line had a fault during this maintenance, then Mullingar would have lost electricity supply. This would have affected both residential and business customers. Adding this line greatly improved the quality, power flow and security of electricity supply for the region.

What are the benefits of this project?

This project was essential to improve the security and quality of supply for the greater Mullingar area. Adding this line made a significant improvement to these standards. This is of immediate benefit to electricity uses in Mullingar. It also makes Mullingar more competitive when competing for inward investment.