North Connacht

The North Connacht 110 kV Project Community Forum

The North Connacht 110 kV Project Community Forum brings together people and organisations from across the project area so that stakeholder and community views can be discussed, understood and properly considered prior to and during project delivery. This community forum will create the opportunity for dialogue between stakeholders with diverse and direct interest in the project and the EirGrid project team.

An Irish charity called Development Perspectives have been appointed as the independent Chair of the North Connacht 110 kV Project Community Forum.

Role of the Forum:

• Represent the views of their organisation or community in relation to the project,

• Consider the project and provide guidance on local needs and priorities,

• Assist in enabling the resolution of local issues resulting from the project in a timely manner,

• Provide feedback to the project team,

• Facilitate a ‘local voice’ and communicate information to a wider group of regional and local stakeholders.


Membership of the Forum:

Membership of the Forum will consist of representatives from local resident and community associations, disability and special interest groups and business and sporting organisations in the project area. Membership is also extended to local public representatives.


Establishment of the Forum:

We will host an information evening on the 23rd September to inform communities and stakeholders about the Community Forum and Community Benefit Fund


To express an interest in participating in the North Connacht 110 kV Project Community Forum please complete the Expression of Interest form available at this link