North Connacht 110 kV Project/EirGrid Capital Project 0816

Small-scale grid infrastructure is being proposed for North Connacht after a review of the region’s renewable energy plans.

What is the North Connacht 110 kV Project?

The North Connacht 110 kV Project will create a new circuit in the electricity transmission network in the North West of Ireland. The new circuit will enhance the network in the area and provide capacity to connect new demands for electricity to support economic growth in the area, and to connect new renewable generation to help with meeting our Climate Action Plan targets.

The North Connacht 110 kV Project consists of the following elements:

• A new 110 kV underground electricity cable circuit from Moy Substation in Ballina Co. Mayo to Tonroe Substation in Ballaghaderreen Co. Roscommon.

• Upgrade and extension work to Moy and Tonroe substation.

• An upgrade of the existing 110 kV overhead line between Tonroe and Flagford substations in County Roscommon. The location of the line will not change.

Why is the North Connacht project needed and what are the benefits?

As of 2020, around 40% of the electricity that we use in Ireland each year comes from renewable

sources. The government’s Climate Action Plan sets out the target to achieve 80% of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.

The North Connacht 110 kV project is an important step in reaching this target. At present, a large amount of renewable electricity is generated in the North Connacht region and more is planned over the coming years. As the current local electricity network cannotmanage the expected flow of power, we need to improve the electricity network in the region. The new circuit will help strengthen the grid in the region, which will also help attract industry and drive economic growth