West Dublin

EirGrid has identified a need to reinforce the electricity network in west Dublin. This is in response to a significant local increase in the demand for electricity. 

This page shows you information on this project's activity, with more recent news first.

February 2019

The laying of underground cable on the R120 public road was completed by South Dublin County Council as part of the R120 road realignment project in 2018.

The works to lay underground cable on private lands to connect the substation to the existing overhead transmission lines have now commenced.

The laying of underground cable works on the R136  / R134 public roads are expected to commence in April 2019. These works are scheduled to last for approximately five to six months and are expected to result in minor traffic impacts.

A new interface tower will be erected in the Kishoge area in May 2019 beneath the existing overhead line to allow the underground cable to connect to the overhead line.

The decommissioning of the existing overhead line between Adamstown and Kishoge is scheduled for Q2 / Q3 2020.

July 2016

Planning permission has been granted for the West Dublin Project, following 18 months of engagement and consultation with local communities. The project will see 2.9 kilometres of overhead lines and 11 pylons removed at Adamstown. This runs from just west of Adamstown train station to east of the roundabout at the R136 and Ninth Lock Road.

The West Dublin Project was our first project to be rolled out following the launch of our new approach to public consultation in December 2014. This meant that we worked hard to identify local community members with an interest in the works, and to bring them on board and hear their views at each stage of development.

We held three rounds of public consultation on the West Dublin project, and kept in regular contact with public reps and other community leaders. Through this consultation we engaged with about 50 local residents in Adamstown.

The new substation at Grange Castle Business park is due to be operational in 2018/19, and has been built to facilitate new datacentres for Microsoft and Google. This investment should provide some further employment for the area, as well as the community benefit of removing pylons. 

January 2016

Our final consultation on the West Dublin project finished on Thursday 3 September 2015. We received 7 submissions as part of this consultation, which were considered as we finalised our planning application.

A planning application was submitted to An Bord Pleanala on 18 December 2015. An Bord Pleanala will now hold a seven week period of consultation on our application, running from 4 January 2016 to 22 February 2016. 

October 2015

We are currently running a six-week public consultation for Stage 3 of the project. This will be our third and final public consultation, and runs from 22 October to 3 December.

In our Stage 3 Report, we confirmed our designs for the project. This includes:

• A proposed substation site;

• A preferred route for our 220 kV underground cables, and a second route as an alternative option;

• Two options for a western interface compound. This will connect an underground cable to the existing 220 kV overhead line from Inchicore to Maynooth. This will be the point at which we remove the existing overhead line on the westerly side.

• A proposed site for an eastern interface compound. This will be the point where we remove the existing overhead line on the easterly side.

Your feedback will inform our final planning application, which we plan to submit in December.

Please contact us at the details above with your feedback. 

June to August 2015

The project is currently at a point we call Stage 2 – where we evaluate the options.

As part of this stage, we have considered the options detailed in our previous information-gathering phase. In this earlier phase, we received feedback from the public about our initial plans. In response to this, we have now identified preferred locations for the infrastructure that this project needs.

We have identified a site - marked as Site D on our maps - as the preferred location for the new substation. We have also identified preferred sites for the two compounds - marked as T1 and T5 on our project maps. We will now progress with these sites as part in our project development process. The exact location of these sites will be subject to agreement with the landowners and stakeholders who are directly affected.

February 2015

Stage 1 – the Information Gathering stage. We have now located a study area for the project. We have also identified the environmental and technical factors that will limit what we can do within this area.

As a consequence, we have considered some options for the route of the new circuit. We have also found several sites that have potential as compound sites. It is at these sites that the existing 200 kV overhead line will switch to an underground cable so it can connect with the proposed substation. Finally, we have also considered three potential sites for the substation itself. They are emerging as our preferred sites for this key component. 

We are publishing a Stage 1 Report to detail these findings. We will then hold a six weeklong consultation period to get views from the public and stakeholders on these draft plans.