Public Engagement

Our public engagement strategy

It is only with public support that we can secure a sustainable supply of electricity for the next generation.

Following a review of our approach to public engagement, we have produced a new Public Engagement Strategy for a Cleaner Energy Future.

When we work together, we make better decisions. EirGrid now has a strategy that is transforming our external engagement and that builds upon extensive work over the past decade. We are working with partners and stakeholders to deliver these improvements. These include local communities, landowners and industry.

When we work together, we can create a stronger and better electricity grid with the least possible impact on you and your community.

In the next decade, we will need to develop large amounts of new grid infrastructure - significantly more than in the last ten years. More than ever before, we need the support of individual landowners, their neighbours, and their wider communities. We must acknowledge the challenges of what we ask of individuals and communities for the benefit of the entire population.

If we don’t engage successfully with those affected by grid development plans, we won’t achieve climate action targets.

Engagement is at the heart of our consultation process

Have Your Say

We have also produced a summary guide of our consultation process - Have Your Say. It explains why we develop the electricity grid, and how we consult with the public and other stakeholders to get feedback on our plans.

This guide tells you what to expect from us, and what we would like from you.

There is one very important principle that is at the heart of our consultation process.

The earlier you get involved in our projects, the more influence you can have on them.