Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder and Public Engagement

EirGrid is committed to stakeholder and public engagement. When we work together with stakeholders, customers and industry, the public and local community, we make better decisions across the organisation.

This document summarises EirGrid’s engagement channels and points of contact for our customers and industry stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement 2021

Our Final Stakeholder Engagement Plan for 2021 is available here. Our consultation response paper is here.

We published our Draft Stakeholder Engagement Plan for 2021 for consultation until 13 January 2021. A consultation note was also published.

Stakeholder Engagement 2020

EirGrid has published its Stakeholder Engagement Report for 2020. The report summarises EirGrid’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for 2020, its performance against that strategy and the benefits this performance brought. We are consulting on this report until 15 April 2021. For more information on this, see our consultation response note.

Our Final Stakeholder Engagement Plan for 2020 is here.

Our Consultation Response Paper is here.

Our Draft Stakeholder Engagement Plan for 2020 is here. A consultation on this draft plan was held until 02 April 2020.

Project Consultations and Engagements

Previous years' stakeholder engagement documents